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      Radar level meter

      Integrated ultrasonic level meter, split ultrasonic level meter, high frequency pulse radar level meter, pulse radar level meter and guided wave radar level meter

      Simple structure, easy to use liquid level control parts
      Float switch / float level gauge
      Liquid, pressure, temperature are available
      • Tuning fork switch
      It is usually used with a level meter to control and measure materials
      Maintenance-free | Maintenance-free | No adjustment required
        Anhui Xuanrui Automation Control System Co., Ltd.
        The products developed, developed and produced by Anhui Xuanrui Automation Control System Co., Ltd. mainly include tuning fork switches, radio frequency admittance switches, electrode level switches, resistance-rotating level switches, magnetic flap level gauges, and magnetostrictive level gauges. , Float level gauge, capacitance level gauge, float switch series more than 30 products, suitable for aerospace, military, electric power, petroleum, chemical, construction, textile, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, water treatment, dyeing, Boiler and other industries.
        Since the establishment of Anhui Xuanrui Automation Control System Co., Ltd., relying on scientific management and management methods, solid technical force, with the spirit of "striving for perfection and continuous improvement", excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, it has become more and more extensive The favor of users. Now the company's products are not only widely used in China, but also the products have been sold abroad.  

        Company profile
        Focus on liquid level instrument, ensure quality

        Product category

        More than 30 liquid level instrument series

        Cooperation cases

        We have many cooperative customers

        Satisfaction rate (%)

        Customer satisfaction with our products

        Focus on quality assurance, look forward to working with you to create brilliant

        Focus on liquid level instrument series products, including tuning fork switch, electrode liquid level switch, magnetic flap liquid level meter, floating ball liquid level meter, capacitance liquid level meter, floating ball switch series, etc

        Industry solutions

        It is suitable for chemical industry, grain and oil industry, environmental protection power industry, feed industry, medicine industry, cement industry, plastic industry, engineering road machine industry, etc

        Our strengths

        Product quality
        After-sales service

        Always pay attention to the company dynamics of Xuanrui Automation

        News Information

        Address: Chahe group, Minsheng neighborhood committee,?
        Minsheng community, Yongfeng Town, Tianchang City

        Contact us

        Anhui xuanrui Automation Control System Co., Ltd

        EMAIL: 814754375@qq.com
        TEL: 13817864195 、 13611928480